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Kid’s & Teen’s Program

Little Wrangler Program

Triangle X Ranch provides a fun and unique environment for kids. The greatest feature is the freedom children have to spend every second of their day outside, doing what kids do best. Each week, our kids program hosts several children of all ages. Youngsters enjoy forming friendships with others, maintaining these friendships, and often returning year after year to reunite with buddies.

Riding is the main activity for kids. Children must be between the ages of six and twelve to participate in the well supervised little wranglers riding program. Kid’s rides are usually broken into three different age groups. Kids are each assigned their own personal mount from a group of our most experienced saddle horses. Little wranglers are not allowed on the adult rides, but parents are allowed to accompany their children on the kid’s rides (if parents think they can keep up).

Lead by a group of highly qualified kid’s wranglers, little wranglers enjoy riding lessons, games on horseback, swimming trips, horse painting, wildlife spotting, and several other fun destinations while out on their rides.

Teen Program

Each week several teenagers join us at Triangle X and they find much enjoyment in the teen program. Young adults between the ages of thirteen and nineteen hit the trail on a ride designed just for them. Along with regular ranch and riding activities teens have the option to partake additional events .

The first event is an overnight ride where teens ride out to an old cowboy camp and spend the evening cooking their dinner over an open campfire, followed by a night of sleeping under the stars (camping gear is provided). Supervised by a male and female chaperone, teens are sure to enjoy their night out on the range.

Teens also won’t want to miss an afternoon in Jackson with their wrangler – catching dinner and a movie.

Moms, dads and children all agree that the Little Wrangler activities and Teen Program help make a stay at the Triangle X a perfect family vacation.

Triangle X Ranch does not provide any day care services for children under the age of 6.


Kid’s and Teen’s Programs are only offered during our “Peak Season.”