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Fishing Trips

A guided fishing trip on the Snake River in Jackson Hole and Grand Teton National Park, or the spring creeks and mountain lakes of Yellowstone, is more than a place where fish happily rise to a fly. Fly fishing in Jackson Hole, Wyoming provides anglers with some of the finest trout fishing in the West. Back this with professional fishing guides whom make you feel like family, and share their passion for fishing, you are sure to have a most unforgettable fishing experience.


Jackson Hole, Grand Teton Park, Yellowstone

With the Grand Tetons or Yellowstone as a backdrop, the Jackson Hole area is a most spectacular place to fish. At Triangle X Ranch anglers of all abilities can take guided fly or spin casting fishing trips in the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park region. Enjoy a rich diversity of fishing opportunities which includes small spring creeks, secluded mountain lakes, and rolling freestone rivers.

Environmental stewardship at Triangle X Ranch is very important and all trips are conducted with the well being of the fish, their habitat and surrounding environment as a top priority. Guides require the use of barbless hooks, lead free fishing materials, artificial fly or lure only, and all trips are catch and release.

The Season

The fishing season at Triangle X generally starts in June, utilizing the lakes and rivers in Yellowstone National Park as well as Jackson Dam to Pacific Creek Landing. Because of the release at Jackson Lake Dam, we are lucky to be able to fish clear water during the early summer months. Once the snow runoff subsides and the Snake River clears, all trips are taken on the magnificent Snake River.  Typically by July, all stretches of the Snake River in Grand Teton National park are clear and prime for fishing. Our season runs through the first week in October.

Ranch Guests

If you are staying with us at Triangle X and would like to book a trip during your stay we recommend you book in advance. Let us recommend certain days during the week that will conflict the least with other planned ranch activities. Special discounted fishing rates apply for ranch guests.

If you are planning on doing it yourself the Ranch offers great fishing opportunities out its front door. Don’t hesitate to ask one of our guides for pointers and places to go.


Our guides are highly experienced and passionate about fishing. Being good friends, they fish together and share vital information daily about what the fish are hitting on. They make it their business to ensure the expert fishermen and beginners alike have an enjoyable day.


Lessons are available for any skill level. Our guides make necessary fishing techniques easy to learn. The Snake River, in our backyard, is a great classroom for the beginner and an excellent challenge for the expert.

If you are interested in booking a trip please call (307) 733-5500

Full Day -$695.00 for the boat (one or two anglers)
  • Full Day trips meet at Triangle X Ranch at 8:00 am.
    • Includes: 1-2 anglers, guide, transportation from Triangle X Ranch, all the needed equipment and flies, lunch and beverages.
Short-day – $565.00 for the boat (one or two anglers)
  • 4-6 hours on the water – morning trips meet at Triangle X Ranch at 8:ooam and afternoon trips at 1:30pm
    • Includes: 1-2 anglers, guide, transportation from Triangle X Ranch, all the needed equipment and flies, snacks and beverages.

If you have a larger group (more than 2), multiple boats can be arranged. In some cases we can accommodate a 3rd person in our boat, but it is case by case and there are size and weight limitations. If a third person joins, there is a $100 extra person fee and only two anglers can fish at a time. Larger groups – please inquire.

For any fishing in the valley, the purchase of a Wyoming fishing license is required. If fishing in Yellowstone, a special Yellowstone license must be purchased. Both can be purchased at Triangle X Ranch