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Big Game Hunting

The Triangle X Ranch operates three hunting camps in the Teton Wilderness region of the Jackson Hole, Wyoming directly south of Yellowstone National Park. The camps offer some of the finest big game hunting in America. Our region has unsurpassed opportunities for trophy elk. The hunting camps are located so that they give us a near monopoly on one of the finest and largest hunting areas in the state of Wyoming.


Wilderness Hunting Trips

All camps consist of a large cook tent with a portable cook stove, built-in table and benches for eating, plus all the extras for your comfort. There are 10’X12′ white side-wall tents for one or two hunters’ sleeping quarters. These tents are furnished with wood-stove heaters, plenty of sawed wood, fire starter, table, raised sleeping bunks with mattresses and warm sleeping bags. Hunters may bring their own sleeping bags if they prefer. We also furnish linens. There is always a good cook serving the best of camp food. The daily menus consist of a warm breakfast, hearty lunches, and for dinner, fresh vegetables, salads and desserts, with a variety of beef or poultry. Our professional hunting guides know the country and the habits of big game. They are good companions to be with in the mountains. Their primary job is to see that you have an enjoyable and successful hunt. The camps have horse wranglers and plenty of pack mules and mountain-wise riding horses to ensure each hunter well-rested and sound stock.


Lower Camp

Is located 18 miles from our base corrals on Pacific Creek at the wilderness trail head. The camp lies at the foot of the famous Big Game Ridge near the headwaters of the Snake River. We hunt from this camp the spine of the Continental Divide, tributaries of the Yellowstone River and the Two Ocean Plateau country, which was one of Teddy Roosevelt’s favorite hunting areas. This camp accommodates a maximum of eight hunters and has been in its present location and under our families permit since 1938.


Enos Lake Camp

is located just south of the Lower Camp and can accommodate a maximum of four hunters. It is 12 miles from our Turpin Meadows base corrals and is near the largest lake in the wilderness. This camp enjoys a beautiful setting and a relaxed atmosphere. Founded by our Uncle Bert Turner in the early 1940’s, this camp has a high success rate on Elk, Moose and Deer over the years.



The Teton Wilderness, along with the Yellowstone National Park, summers the bulk of the Jackson Hole Elk Herd. Our camps are located on the main migration routes the elk take from Yellowstone to the National Elk Refuge. We have the advantage of hunting not only the local herd, but also the elk wandering out of Yellowstone Park. Our area produces not only some of the largest trophies taken each year in Wyoming, but often records the highest harvest percentage for elk in the state.


We have an abundant Mule Deer Population. Hunting deer with elk and/or moose also makes a fine combination hunt. Although the average trophy size is often larger in other regions of Wyoming, we harvest many fine heads.


The Turner Family

The Turner Family are fourth generation outfitters in the Jackson Hole Area, and represent one of the Rocky Mountain’s oldest outfitting families. They carry on a famous family tradition of welcoming sportsmen to Jackson Hole high country. In addition to long and active service in state outfitting and dude ranching organizations, they remain involved in many conservation and hunting concerns. Through the years, there have been numerous articles in major national sporting magazines and hunting books about the Turners and their wilderness hunting operation.


Hunting Rates:

10 day guided hunting trip, per person

2 Hunters/1 Guide $6000
1 Hunter/1 Guide $7300


License Application Information

Wyoming currently requires that a non-resident secure a separate license for each big or trophy game animal. Non-resident license numbers are limited and the quotas are issued by a lottery-type drawing. Since application procedures and deadlines for different species change from year to year, it is advisable to keep in touch with us or the Information Section, State of Wyoming, Game & Fish Department, 5400 Bishop Blvd., Cheyenne, WY 82006 – (307) 777-4600.


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Wyoming Outfitter License Numbers: 052, 0135

Triangle X Ranch is an authorized permittee of the US Forest Service, an authorized concessioner of the National Park Service and equal opportunity employer and service provider